Leadership Development Programs

Indian leadership academy is committed to innovate in the area of training and development and has come up with a set of next gen leadership trainings, workshops and boot camps for University fresher’s, leads, Managers and senior management. Our team has been researching on the content for these trainings since last 3 years and we strongly believe the content is going to help a great deal in shaping up your careers.

Our value proposition is to have workshops with live interactions with industry leaders during these workshops as we don’t believe in bookish stuff. All our workshops and trainings are mostly PPT free. There are lots of table exercises and innovative gaming activities which are part of the trainings. For example, who would have thought you can do a treasure hunt based on the leadership topics.

The next gen trainings are prepared keeping the audience in mind. With our experience we have understood the nature of trainings which are existing in the market So the idea is to make these trainings more productive, playful and something which we can use in our day to day basis. We use multiple innovative training tools and learning resources. Our motto is to work with you to eliminate the skill gaps in your organization and cultivate a highly proficient staff. Our sole mission is to provide the results-driven training you need, when and where you need it, and at a price that’s cost-effective for you and your organization.