About Indian leadership Academy

About Indian leadership Academy

Welcome to Indian leadership academy - One stop for next gen leadership and building softskills in India.

Indian leadership Academy focuses on building Soft skills and leasdership skills for corparates, Students and Employees in all the major cities in India.

Most of the time our ability to do more is restricted due to lack of soft skills even though we are the best when it comes to techncial competency.With competition getting stronger day by day the need for softskills is being felt by everyone Irrespective of the industry and your role.

Our Leadership Academy is dedicated to improve softkills and leadership skills for all.

We are a team of Trainers, Mentors, coaches and consultants catering to all the Soft Skills needs for corporates ranging from Foundations of Leadership, Leadership essentials for Managers, Conflict management, Stress management and Training Programs for Finishing schools. We also provide Leadership Development Program for Youth and Family Workshop for parents.

Our programs are mostly PowerPoint free. Our training approach has lot of table exercises, activities, games and role-plays. we strongly believe in a continuous learning approach so we do provide improvement plans for continued learning even after the training is over.

Our trainers are all Master trainers with experience spanning from 10 to 20 years across industries. All of us have an excellent track record in conducting workshops in both India and outside India.

See you all soon !